Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Update (2) and Contest!

Hey everyone,
As you all could tell I have not been updating as much. I appologize, my laptop will not hold its charge anymore and only has twenty minutes of life. So I've been having to get on my family's computer and even that is broken and I have to get on safe mode just to get online. I dislike safe mode too because I can't have audio. Blah. I'm having to wait till Graduation for my new laptop. Once I get my laptop I'll post more reviews.

Thanks everyone for being patient with me.


P.S. The Undercover Book Lover is having some contests here are their urls:

She is giving away The Clearing, Swoon At Your Risk, and The Reason. Go check it out, ends May 20.


Two Copies of Siren ! Ends May 18.

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