Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Lost Saint Cover Revealed!

Today the author Bree Despain has revealed the cover of The Lost Saint the follow up book to The Dark Divine.

Here is the beautiful cover:

Don't you love it. Yet again they use a stunning color for the cover. I feel kind of silly announcing this news because:

A. I have not read The Dark Divine
B. Therefore I have no idea what its about, but I'm praying that it has nothing to do with vampires.

P.S. warn me if it does. I don't read books that have vampires as a focus. I mean if they are very minor then sure I'd read the book. :)

Anyways to celebrate the reveal of the cover Bree is having a contest every month till The Lost Saint comes out in stores in December.

Here is the link to the contest:


Ky said...

I think your safe. As far as I know it's about werewolves (the only reason I know this is because the cover remake contest had wolves on it) I really need to get my hands on the first one. Huff.

Malbebe said...

Thanks for letting me knoe Ky! :) We do need to catch up with everyone and read the book so we can be ready to read The Lost Saint in December.

Jenny said...

Very pretty! I like that it keeps with the theme from the first book so they tie together. Very simple and elegant.

Cleverly Inked said...

Hmm...The color is popping

Molly P Mormon said...

no vamps in this one. It is really a very good novel, very sweet. (and wholesome for a paranormal book)

Collegiate Bookworm said...

I haven't read The Dark Divine either, but both covers are so beautiful. I could take a break from vampires too, but I did enjoy Infinite Days.
Great cover pick!
Kerleisha @ Collegiate Bookworm