Saturday, August 21, 2010

Review: Over the Moon by Diane Daniels

Synopsis (from Goodreads): When seventeen-year-old Tiana moves to Hurricane, Utah, her comfortable world is turned upside down as she traverses the rough waters of adjusting to a small town and new school. Her father insists they were supposed to move here for some unknown, important purpose, and the voice in her head tells her not to argue. After resigning herself to being a miserable outcast, Tiana finds that she is not only accepted by most of the students at her new high school but is also the recipient of unwelcome attention from the opposite sex. But then she meets the mysterious Andrew Martin and is soon Over the Moon crazy about him. Andrew seems to be the perfect boyfriend: protective, tender, good with her parents, and a fabulous kisser. But he also has a few unusual qualities: an intuitiveness that borders on mind reading, a touch that seems to heal, and almost superhuman strength. Tiana marvels at his talents but doesn't seriously consider the implications until she can no longer ignore the clues: Andrew does not belong on Earth. When Andrew admits his true identity, Tiana enters a world previously unknown to her and is plunged into mortal danger as it is Andrew's sworn duty to combat evil, extraterrestrial villains who wish to invade Earth and enslave mankind. Join Diane Daniels for a romantic adventure in Over the Moon, which will take you to a world where the impossible comes to life.

Book Details:
Publisher: Tate Publishing
Pub Date: July 2010
Format: Paperback
Pages: 256


Over the Moon is about 17-year-old Tiana moving to Hurricane, Utah. At first she hates the idea of living there until she meets the handsome and perfect Andrew. Not only does he have the good looks and a great personality, but he is an alien. Tiana and Andrew have an instant connection and both feel like it was fate that brought them together. In the novel they face many obstacles. There were a lot of questions I formed while reading, and they propelled me to read on to find the answers.

Seems to be a good read right? It is for the most part. I did have quite a few problems with this book and I'm not completely sure if it was the book itself or if it was because I was also reading another alien book at the same time. For one the teens in this book at times talk too maturely. Tiana and Andrew's conversations with each other were cheesy and cliched whenever they were talking about their feelings for each other. I wish Tiana had some other activity or something so she was not obsessing about Andrew throughout the entire book. The beginning was confusing because you are introduced to so many characters at once. Some of the chapters for some reason seemed repetitive. The whole book itself was a bit slow, but it picks up near the end.

Despite all the problems I had with this book I really do like it. I loved the obstacles the two main characters faced and it only went to show how deeply in love they were with each other. The other characters in the book are interesting and fun to read about. I also liked how the two main characters had values and morals. The christian feel and quotes from literary works were inspiring. The settings were so detailed that I actually felt like I was right there too. Diane Daniels is a promising author and I look forward to reading more of her works.

3 Stars!


Anonymous said...

This sounds like a really good book.. And great, honest review! =)

Khadija said...

Thanks for the honesty..its sounds interesting i'll have to look into it. Great Review! :)

Jennifer Hoffine said...

Nice review. What is the other alien book you're reading?