Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm still alive! A post every blogger or aspiring blogger should read.

The last time I made a blog post was Feb. 15. That is nearly 3 weeks of being away from my blog. For the followers who have stuck by my side I want to say THANK YOU. YOU GUYS MEAN A LOT TO ME!

I'm currently in my second semester in college and taking a little more classes than last semester. I have to say it is really tough. French takes up 80% of my time alone. The second hardest class I'm taking is English. I've never had to write about topics I'm not passionate about let alone having to write 5 full pages about them. Last semester my English Prof. (a different one from this semester's) was more about quality over quantity. This semester I'm with a Prof. who is more about both.

Back in High School I knew college was going to be a lot more work. I just never knew how time consuming the assignments are. So my question for High School Book Review Bloggers; Have you thought about how you are going to balance your blog, school work, and maybe even a job when you are a full time student at a college?

Seriously when I get home from school all I want to do is absolutely nothing. I'm serious NOTHING. By saying this I'm not saying I'm a slacker even if the statement does sound like one. I have always been a hard worker. In other news,I don't know about other college peeps but whenever I work on my homework I eat so much. My brain and body are so not use to being overworked. Is this why they say the freshman 15?

Right now I'm on Spring Break. This means I have a lot of time to read and catch up on my blog. Of course I'm not off the hook from school work unfortunately. Nevertheless I plan on writing blog posts that should last a week or two. I have even created a resolution for blogging. Hopefully I can stick to it. I miss all of you in the blogging community.

For my ending question I want to ask all the college student bloggers and even the working mom blogger; How do you handle school along with the homework or work along with having kids while maintaining a blog? I'm finding out more and more that maintaining a blog requires two things motivation and devetion. I admire all of you who are able to post every day of the week and maintain good grades or a job. Seriously I don't know how I'd be able to do it without going insane. lol. :)


tfreidus said...

I love your blog. I just added it to my favorites. With that said you asked the question how do you manage a blog and school work. Time Management is what it is about. I had to laugh because I do not have a blog I started one but never went through with it because I am a mother of four and I work full time and I am going to college for my Masters degree. If you can figure out how to divide your time you can keep up with the school work and the Bloggin. Good luck on whatever you decide but I hope you don't give up the blogging because I really enjoyed your blog!

Best of luck to you in blogging and school!

Katie said...

It is hard isn't it? I found the most difficult transition was from school to working full time. I still had time to read and blog, but my reviews weren't always up to date and I couldn't always check in on other bloggers. I've kind of got use to it, but I still notice a big difference. I think you just do the best you can with the time you have and when it stops being fun, you just stop.