Sunday, August 14, 2011

Today August 14th is my 20th Birthday!!!

Hi everyone! So today is my 20th birthday. I know its sad that I'm no longer a teenager. Regardless of my age I'm thinking that I'll keep my blog's name the same. I mean why should I change it just because my age when really everyone is a teenager at heart. :)

Truthfully if anyone was to see me in person one would guess that my age is 12 at the least and 14 at the most. Which is understandable because I'm a small person. I'm like Kiersten White. We're both small and short. Whenever I go out to eat with my family people have to ask how many kids menus are needed. Most recently my family went to the movies and the ticket guy said one adult (my dad) and two kids (my brother and I). Oh how wrong was he?! I often joke about enrolling as a fifth grader and no one would be able to tell the difference. For real haha! Last year I went to my brother's play and all the little fifth graders were the same size as me if not a wee bit bigger. Okay well enough with the comparisons. 

The main point of this post is:
 1. To inform you all that I am now a twenty year old today. 
 2. I might just be having two giveaways starting tomorrow because I'm in a festive mood. 

Here is a cute penguin holding a yummy cupcake. I hope you all have had a great day today!

*photo found on Google images*


Let's Evaluate said...

Happy Birthday! It is also my cousin's 20th today too, what a coincidence. [:

Erin @ Let's Evaluate

Cara said...

Happy birthday!!! :)

Hope you have a lovely day and many lovelier years to come.

P.S. It's my half birthday if that counts for anything. ;)

Malbebe said...

Thanks girls! I had a great birthday! :)

@ Erin: Happy birthday to you cousin!

@Cara Happy half birthday to you! lol. :)