Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Books recieved this week!

This week has been a week of books for me.
Ok, I know that Sunday is always the end of a week. But on Sunday 11/22 I couldn't stand the thought that I have not been to the bookstore in so long, and that I have not bought a book either in like two months. So on Sunday I went to Barnes and Noble before my aunt's surprise birthday party and bought Alyson Noel's third book to her series THE IMMORTALS, which is Shadowland. I absolutely am hooked on this series. I love the chemistry and struggle of Damen and Ever's love for each other. Right now I am on page 81 and loving it so far.

The second book I got is Lockdown by Alexander Gordon Smith. Which was in my mailbox Monday 11/23. I might read and review this book somewhere down the road. The plot of this book seems interesting but I just don't like the cover.

The Maze Runner by James Dashner is the third and maybe last book that I will recieve this week. I'm really excited to read it, and the cover is just amazing. Recieved today Wed 11/25.

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