Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today= disaster day

Ugh, today was a disaster! I had to give a presentation to my class about The Book Thief. I was prepared and ready to go; I had everything planned out. As soon as I started talking all my thoughts got scattered and my notes failed to support me. Not to mention there was so much pressure to do just as good as the rest of my classmates who did their presentations flawlessly. Then there was me struggling to gather my thoughts with everyone staring and waiting for me to speak. Tomorrow I get a chance to redeem myself wish me luck! I figured out today that I am way better at giving my opinion than explaining what goes on in a book to a group of people. Also I don't mess up any presentation if it is 40+ people. How crazy is that? I can give a presentation to a number of people but I can't for a small group? Have you ever had an expreience like this?

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