Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Author Interview: Troy CLE

Troy CLE is my featured author this week. He is the author of the Marvelous World Saga. I had the pleasure of interviewing him. He is really a kind person. :)

Here are his two books and their synopsis.

Book #1 Marvelous Effect:
Louis Proof is an ordinary kid.

He loves listening to hip-hop, racing radio-controlled cars, and hanging out with his best friend, Brandon. Then a mysterious letter invites him to visit the local junkyard. There he finds a secret, underground amusement park like no other in existence. This is the best day of Louis's life. The park even has the most amazing race course for radio-controlled cars. Louis starts racing right away. It's a close contest; he's about to activate his nitro boost to take the lead, when...

This is the worst day of Louis's life. Without warning or reason, thirteen-year-old Louis Proof falls into a coma due to a virus of a mysterious, celestial origin. When he awakens three months later, the world that he once knew and loved is totally out of control. He will learn that his illness is connected to everything that is wrong, and that it's not only his responsibility but his destiny to set things right.

This story is a megadramatic, remarkably true, super action fantasy. Get ready!

Book #2 Olivion's Favorites:
When Louis Proof collapsed in pain in front of his uncle's store, he thought he was going to die. Instead he awoke in Midlandia, a place of the impossible.

Almost as soon as he arrives, three eNoli — people who look human but are otherworldly — try to kill him. In fact, it seems as if everyone in Midlandia is trying to kill Louis and the other two human teens, Cyndi Victoria Chase and Devon Alexander. The three are Favorites. If they survive Midlandia, they will have great powers. That's a big "if," though.

Louis must find Cyndi and Devon, who've been flung to different parts of Midlandia. Only when the three are together will Olivion's Gate appear. Then they will be able to cross the Gate, meet the Olivion, and return home. The three teens must also pay attention to everything on their journey. It is not enough to be a Favorite; they need to learn how to use their newfound abilities. Tremendous challenges await them at home. But as they're about to learn, those challenges are only the beginning. A threat is coming that is greater than anyone — human or eNoli or iLone — can imagine....

Now the interview:

Q:What made you decide to become a writer?
A:I decided to become a writer because I wanted to be a Goonie. I wanted to go on adventures like them and make a movie like the Goonies and I felt writing a book where kids like me are the adventures and could be the basis of a movie was a great way to start.

Q:What is your method for writing a book?
A:My method for writing books is simple. I break every book into three parts. The beginning, middle, and end. It is easier for me to think about three small books instead one big book. When I finish a part it is like I have accomplished something big and it is time to throw a party.

Q:Who is your favorite character in the Marvelous World Saga, and why?
A:I think my favorite character in the Marvelous World Saga next to Louis and Cyndi would have to be Perilynn. He is really complex and torn between fulfilling his own goals and being a friend to Louis and Cyndi. One thing he never does is hide his intentions and that is something that I think we all have done at times.

Q: In your own words how would you describe the Marvelous World Saga?
A:The Marvelous World Saga is Mega Dramatic Remarkably True Super Action Fantasy that is much deeper than most people think. If they do not believe me people should look at the "University' section on

Please go check out the website mentioned above. Also check out his blog where he offers advice, and you can also get to know more about him and his books on these sites.

Here is the book trailer for the Marvelous World Saga!

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