Monday, December 6, 2010

Review: Fallen Angel by Heather Terrell

Fallen Angel (Fallen Angel, #1)
Ellie was never particularly good at talking to boys—or anyone other than her best friend and fellow outcast, Ruth. Then she met Michael.
Michael is handsome, charming, sweet. And totally into Ellie. It’s no wonder she is instantly drawn to him. But Michael has a secret. And he knows Ellie is hiding something, too. They’ve both discovered they have powers beyond their imagining. Powers that are otherworldly.
Ellie and Michael are determined to uncover what they are, and how they got this way . . . together. But the truth has repercussions neither could have imagined. Soon they find themselves center stage in an ancient conflict that threatens to destroy everything they love. And it is no longer clear whether Ellie and Michael will choose the same side.
In this electrifying novel, Heather Terrell spins a gripping supernatural tale about true love, destiny, and the battle of good versus evil.

Book Details:
Publisher: HarperTeen (HarperCollins Publishers)
Pub. Date: December 28 2010
Format: Paperback
Pages: 336

My Review:Fallen Angel is a very fast read. I don’t know how but it was. Its been weeks since I have finished reading Fallen Angel, and I have forgotten details. I have to say that I still don’t know what to think of this book. At first it felt extremely like a vampire book. Knowing me I dislike vampire books. But for Fallen Angel I was willing to set aside my feelings for vampires. I was constantly feeling that the title was misleading but knew that it was given the title of Fallen Angel for a reason.
I really do like Ellie and Michael’s journey to discover who they are and also their budding romance. Ellie and Michael have always lived a sheltered life, but as their paranormal powers start to develop their parents begin to tell them bits of the truth as to who they are.
There was one character who was a little annoying. This character would be Ellie’s best friend Ruth. I understand that she has gone through terrible things in her life, but seriously this girl is like a stalker/controlling friend. She has to know every single thing Ellie does.
An interesting part of the book is that Heather Terrell takes the time to educate her readers on the history/story of Angels and Fallen Angels.
Fallen Angel is a unique and dark twist to Fallen Angels. With its mystery, romance, family secrets, fight between good and bad, and self discovery Fallen Angel will capture you and not release you until you are done reading. I thoroughly enjoyed Fallen Angel even if it is an odd and different book. I can’t wait to read the next book, Eternity, which will be released June 28 2011!
3.5 Stars!

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