Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blog Hop: Jan. 14-17

Book Blogger Hop

The Book Blogger Hop is hosted weekly by Jennifer @ The blog hop is where you can discover other great blogs out there. =)

This week's question is:
Why do you read the genre that you do? What draws you to it?

My answer: I really don't have a definite answer to this question. I will read anything that sounds good to me. As long as its not an erotica or vampire book. I do find myself mostly reading Young Adult Paranormal Romance because I like how they are always dark and mysterious. They are all around a fun read. I do like to read contemporary books too, because its nice to take a break from fantasy and read books about regular everyday teens.


Em (Super Reader Girl) said...

Happy hop, Mallory! I'm pretty much the same and gravitate to YA paranormal as well. :)

Alison said...

Hopping through. I love YA in particular. I read about half contemp and half paranormal.
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Black Disaster Fairy said...

I read lots of different things too. Keeps you well rounded to have a well rounded TBR list :)

Black Disaster Fairy
A World of Personality

Bella said...

Hey, just hopping through =]

I read mostly YA Paranormal Romance too, but sometimes I'll read Sci-Fi or the occasional adult fiction, but not often.

I was just wondering if you would have a look at my blog, and fill in my form about a new meme idea I've had? If you had the time that would be absolutely great! Thank you

Bella - I'm a new follower!
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Andrea said...

Just hopping by.. I also love YA paranormal. Love the cute birdies on your blog. :)

Andrea @ Reading Lark

Regina said...

I read anything and everything these days. Not a specific genre. I write many so it helps to explore a little.