Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Cover Alert!!!

Are you familiar with Cayla Kluver's debut novel Legacy? It was first published by Amazon Encore. Well now HarlequinTeen is publishing Cayla's novel and the rest of the books to the series. Legacy will be released on June 21, 2011. The cover I am about to show you may or may not be the final cover but I absolutely love it. When I saw the cover on BN.com I just had to share it with you all. Here is the before cover along with the new cover, and the synopsis of the book. For those who are wondering the blurb says: "I recommend you get this book in your hands as soon as possible."- Teen Trend Magazine
Synopsis:The first boy disappeared on the day of his birth, on a night when the pale yellow moon of the nighttime sky turned red and bathed the heavens in the ghastly color of blood, on the same night the Kingdom of Cokyri abruptly ceased its merciless attack.

Across the land of Hytanica, under the shadow of the crimson moon, infant boys continued to vanish. Not until the blood had faded from the sky did the disappearances stop and the bodies of the murdered infants were found outside the gates of the city, a final word from the greatest enemy Hytanica had ever known. For the next sixteen years, peace reigned, but one mystery remained unsolved. The Cokyrians had abducted forty-nine newborns, but returned only forty-eight bodies.

Now, as seventeen-year-old Princess Alera of Hytanica is besieged from all sides by suitors vying for the Throne, a teenage Cokyrian boy, Narian, is encountered within the walls of her Kingdom, a boy who will show Alera a world where women serve a purpose and not just a husband. As Narian helps Alera find her voice, she struggles against an arranged marriage that will shatter the life she has scarcely begun to live. And when Narian's shocking past is uncovered, and war with Cokyri looms once more, he must fight to defy a fate ordained at his birth.

Further Discussion: Thoughts and opinions anyone? I love the first cover. When I saw it in the bookstore I found it different from any other book cover and intriguing. It didn't even have a dust jacket. The cover art was on the book itself and really I much perfer hardcovers that way. But, wow, when I see the new cover I couldn't have asked for more. The new cover is so gorgeous in every aspect. I can not wait for Legacy to come out in paperback this June.


Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

I like the old cover but i really love the new one!! i'll have to add it to my list!

Jessie Clark said...

I love the new cover. I already have the old one. When will the rest of the books come out? Do you know how many there will be?