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Review: Vixen by Jillian Larkin

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Synopsis: Jazz . . . Booze . . . Boys . . . It’s a dangerous combination.

Every girl wants what she can’t have. Seventeen-year-old Gloria Carmody wants the flapper lifestyle—and the bobbed hair, cigarettes, and music-filled nights that go with it. Now that she’s engaged to Sebastian Grey, scion of one of Chicago’s most powerful families, Gloria’s party days are over before they’ve even begun . . . or are they?

Clara Knowles, Gloria’s goody-two-shoes cousin, has arrived to make sure the high-society wedding comes off without a hitch—but Clara isn’t as lily-white as she appears. Seems she has some dirty little secrets of her own that she’ll do anything to keep hidden. . . .

Lorraine Dyer, Gloria’s social-climbing best friend, is tired of living in Gloria’s shadow. When Lorraine’s envy spills over into desperate spite, no one is safe. And someone’s going to be very sorry. . . .

From debut author Jillian Larkin, VIXEN is the first novel in the sexy, dangerous, and ridiculously romantic new series set in the Roaring Twenties . . . when anything goes.

Book Details:
Publisher: Delacorte for young readers (Random House Children's book)
Pub. Date: December 14 2010
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 432

My Review:
Wow, where to start? Before VIXEN I've never really paid much attention to the historical fiction genre. Of course I've read books for school that are historical fiction/classics, but historical fiction just for fun? Nope. Not really. OK, well not including The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. VIXEN has made me into a fan of the historical fiction genre and I will be reading more of this genre now.
Jillian Larkin has successfully wrote a stunning debut of a novel. She makes me want to time travel back to the 1920s just so I can have a look at life back then for myself. Sure it was pretty dangerous back then, but at the same time it was a period of beauty and elegance. I bet the buildings and all that jazz was a sight to see.
VIXEN is told from 3 perspectives. Each chapter goes from Gloria, Lorraine, and Clara. I'm not sure if thats the exact order. Gloria is a rich girl who is engaged to Bastian. Gloria one night sets foot in a speakeasy and sees for the first time a handsome black man named Jerome Johnson. Who just might be interested in her too. However, in the 1920s a biracial relationship is frowned upon. So what happens when Gloria and Jerome start getting closer?
Lorraine is the girl who makes the most mistakes in VIXEN. She makes a fool out of herself throughout the novel. Will she ever learn from her mistakes? Lorraine betrays her best friend, Gloria, shows up drunk at a ball, and a lot more bad things. This girl is going down the hill.
Clara is Gloria's cousin who has been forced to come stay at Gloria's for the wedding planning. Clara has a past that she is trying to get away from. She decides to create a character for herself to play. Turns out that character might actually be who she really is. Marcus, Gloria's best friend, may also be falling for Clara. Are his feelings true though? What would happen if he ever found out who Clara was in her past?
VIXEN is fully of mischief, mystery, romance, and so much more. It really does have it all. Especially the shocking ending that its a guarantee you'll never see coming. At the end you also learn who the girl is in the prologue.
Since VIXEN is a first in a series it does leave with a cliffhanger. I recommend you go out and buy this book on December 14th. Before I continue to ramble on about VIXEN and give to much away I'll make this the end of my review: I can't wait to read INGENUE!
4 out 5 Stars!

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